Saucony jazz vintage

Saucony Jazz Vintage - New To Indi Menswear

We are proud to introduce Saucony Originals to our brand portfolio. Saucony trainers have been popular with runners for a long time but they really became popular with the football casuals in the early 1980's.

Saucony jazz

The 80s Casuals loved the Saucony Jazz, introduced in 1981, and wore them on the terraces along with their Ellesse, Fila and Sergio Tacchini garb, along with the usual Casual Clobber.

Saucony Trainers were first produced way back in 1898, on the Saucony Creek, Pennsylvania. Pronounced 'Sok-Uh-Knee', from the Native American word 'Saconk', which means 'where two rivers run together'. The logo represents a running river marked by three boulders, which is really cool!


The first three new colourways of the Saucony Jazz have landed, with many more on the way, including Jazz Vintage, Shadow 5000 (first introduced in 1989) and Jazz 4000, a 1992 technical upgrade of the Jazz Original.

The Saucony Jazz was the most technical performance running shoe of its time, with a comfortable fit and triangular outsole lugs which provides traction and creates a piston-like suspension system for your feet. But best of all they look really good!


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