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Far Afield. British Design-Global Inspiration

We are proud to announce a new brand this season-Far Afield is a British brand with a truly Worldwide inspiration to its collection. Spring/Summer 2021 range is called 'Gods Of The Seas', a collection consisting of mens contemporary clothing which takes inspiration from the surf scene in 1960's USA, from the popular surf destinations of tropical Hawaii, to the West Coast of California, with subtle nods to the hula girls and tropical flora and fauna of Waikiki beach, the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean, the lively beaches and palm-lined boulevards of Malibu and Huntington.

The collection includes many mid-weight fine gauge knits which can be worn most of the year, with work-wear jacket styles as well as a few U.S. preppy styles. The 1960's theme continues with Italian Mod-inspired knitted polo shirts. The quality is pretty amazing and the softer colours are perfect for the new season.

The shirt collection continues the 1960's 'surf's up' theme with repeat patterns of flowers, birds and breaking waves, to surf boards and hula hula girls in grass skirts! This really is a superlative collection!

T Shirts continue the Beach Boys theme with horizontal stripes (as worn by the famous band back in the day), as well as a fine selection of graphic prints.

The laid-back style of the collection includes jackets and trousers in linen, and stylish cotton shorts-perfect for lounging in the ocean breeze in a sea-front bar sipping on your summer cocktail (or half a lager if you prefer!).

With sustainable fashion at the forefront of this collection, Swimwear is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, with a pretty amazing selection of prints depicting 1960's surfing style.

All-in-all this is a superb collection, with 1960's references to Italian Mod and West Coast summer surf style. Now, where did I put those Beach Boys albums?


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