Best Company, Paninaro Style And The 80s Casuals

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Best companyOne of the most recognisable brands of the 1980’s is back! Best Company was huge in the 1980’s. Olmes Carretti the original designer has reinvigorated the brand after a long absence and it remains as relevant today as it ever did.
Olmes Carretti was behind some of the biggest brands of the 1980s, including Best Company and Henri Lloyd. Best Company's bold sweatshirts inspired by Olmes Carretti were adopted by the Paninaro scene in Italy and became something of a uniform for the fashionable Milan fans.

Best company

The Paninaro hung around cafes or Panini bars, rode scooters and bikes, and had their own distinct style, much like the 80s Casuals in UK terrace culture. With the growth of the Paninaro scene in Italy, the styles soon made their way across to the UK and became popular with the 80s Casuals in the UK.
Best Company is focused around bold branding, striking prints and inventive colour palettes.

Best company

The brand is now stocked here at INDI Menswear with the same high standards but with a more contemporary fit to keep the classic designs relevant but modern.
The first collection of Best Company has now arrived at INDI Menswear and is available In store and online right now.

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