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Art Gallery Clothing-Classic Sixties Style Mod Clothing

Art Gallery Clothing - A Unique Collection of Mod Clothing Inspired By The 1960's Mod Era, Designed and Produced By East London Mod Alex Banks. From fine gauge cotton knits to super-soft Merino polo shirts and stylish slim fitting Mod shirts.

art gallery clothing

If you haven't bought into Art Gallery Clothing yet then you are really missing out! You will find detailing not found elsewhere, the highest quality fabric, with Modernist detailing influenced from the bands of the sixties and beyond-bands such as The Who, The Small faces, Rolling Stones, The Specials, The Jam, Paul Weller etc, with styles re-released but so much better due to technological changes in manufacturing.

One of the biggest Art Gallery Clothing fans is Bradley Wiggins the bike riding Mod-not sure which he is more famous for to be fair! You will also see the famous Naturalist Chris Packham regularly wearing Art Gallery Clothing on TV, which also means that this is an ethical brand-no animal cruelty here!

The collection usually combines staple pieces, (reproduced each season but in different colour-ways or detailing), with new styles never before seen. Staple styles include the short sleeve polo Woody, Isley (its long sleeve brother), Haye turtle neck top, and a few more, all reproduced every season in different finishes. The problem is, if you like one of these styles (and you will!) then where does it stop? Or does it? (I've got 4 Woody's and 3 Isleys on my rail, not to mention about 12 other styles collected over the past few years!).

You won't find any branding on Art Gallery Clothing-no giant lettering across the chest, no embroidered branding, no badge on the sleeve and no tag down the side seam. There's no need-Art Gallery wins on its quality and style. There's just a ticket on the inside in the back of the neck! It's made in some of the best factories in Europe, not in China or some other Far Eastern sweat shop. Cruelty free and low on carbon footprint!

You will not find Art Gallery Clothing on the High Street but only in carefully-chosen independents who love the brand and understand the classic Modernist look, and who take a personal pride in their offering. Art Gallery may be a small brand in the scheme of things, but it is a giant in terms of quality, ethics and style!



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