First Date Fashion - We've Got You Covered

So, you’ve sealed the deal, you have that first date in the bag! You’re feeling excited, even a little apprehensive. You want to make a great first impression. So don’t let things slide now by turning up looking below par. Your date must have seen something of you previously - even if it was on a mobile phone app! So you don’t want to turn up with your lady friend thinking she is getting James Bond and you appear looking like Frank Gallagher from Shameless now do you?

Chances are you put a lot of thought into asking your lady friend out and even where to take her, so now you just need to apply the same level of attention to detail in what you are going to wear.

The last thing we want is a first date fashion fail. Here we will give you some suggestions for first date clobber for every situation. With these top tips you’ll feel comfortable and stylish wherever you are going and whatever the mood.

Much as you want everything on a first date to be about personality it simply isn’t. Whether you like it or not, a first date is about much more than that. Not only will you be judging each other on what you have in common, like your mutual love of pugs and pussycats. You will also be sizing each other up subliminally without even knowing it. Too stuffy and you will feel uncomfortable, too casual and you may well end up completely under-dressed compared to your date. There are some classic items that never date; if you go for those you’ll always get your first date dress code spot on.

Unless it really is super casual, like a nice little stroll in the park, (and let’s face it does anybody actually go to the park on a first date apart from people in old movies?) then don’t wear trainers! You may have the biggest collection of Adidas Originals this side of Dusseldorf but seriously guys-no trainers. Women love shoes. Women go without food for shoes! You can keep the rest of the outfit smart casual with a polo neck and a decent pair of jeans, but shoes will give you an air of sophistication that won’t go unnoticed.

Jeans – again in the right setting they can work. Add a polo neck, nice watch and a smart jacket and boom you’re in business! Good quality selvedge jeans-great! Faded, ripped jeans with your left butt cheek hanging out, not great!

Should you go fully suited and booted? Well, a suit could work for a Michelin starred restaurant if that’s your girl’s thing, but add a tie and it might just be a step too stuffy. The last thing you want to do is make you or her feel uncomfortable when you are trying to make a great impression. Waistcoat – do we even need to go there? Don’t do it.

Now all you need to do is to get your grooming on-point. Women notice your nails even if you don’t! Clip them, manicure them (please don’t paint them). Wash your hair, trim your beard (or stubble) and don’t over-do it with the Cologne and you are well on your way to a second date.

What happens after that is between you and yours-we won’t be offering any advice on that one!

Amanda Couzens-Davies

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