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80s Casuals Ellesse Penguin Collab Limited Edition

80s Casuals Ellesse Penguin Collab Limited Edition

Ellesse have collaborated with 80s Casuals to produce a fresh twist on classic terrace and ski wear. The Penguin logo was the first one used by Ellesse from the 60s to the early 80s, and is highly sought after, before it was replaced by the iconic half ball/ski branding that we see today.

This collaboration is the first ever. The Penguin branding was originally introduced back in 1967. The penguin first appeared on the swing tags of their Jet Ski pants and then later featured on the thigh area. The Penguin logo was used by Ellesse founder Leonardo Servadio (LS) who kept two penguins as pets!

In the early 1970’s the Ellesse logo was changed to the one we know today, which merged their ski and tennis branding into one logo and the penguin ceased to exist.

The Penguin branding has once again been introduced on this capsule collection, which is available in very limited quantities through a few select UK stockists.

80s Casuals Ellesse Penguin Garrido Jacket




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