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Gabicci Vintage-Original Since 1973-For Mods And Casuals

First launched in 1973, Gabicci fast became an underground style leader and embodied a look adopted by the 'Northern Soul' music scene. In the '80's the brand appeared in the early 'casuals' look. Teamed with the hopsack trouser, Gabicci and the iconic metal G quickly became the brand mark of the day. Lately, several key music style leaders and sportsmen have been spotted wearing Gabicci Vintage, and the brand featured heavily in the new Nick Love re-make of the '80's film 'The Firm'. Through this continuing association both with football and the young music scene, Gabicci Vintage is again the brand to be seen in.


Gabicci has played a huge part in music and youth culture since 1973. It has been worn by the likes of The Specials and Bob Marley and, more recently, by Labrinth and Maverick Sabre.


The definitive Gabicci look incorporates Italian-inspired style, authority and a touch of class, with a keen attention to detail and originality. Unique fabrics, buttons and linings, and especially the iconic heavy gold metal ‘G’ are symbols of Gabicci Vintage.


The soulful look is as strong as ever, with a new generation seeking out heritage and revival brands. With the revival of the Mods, Rude Boys, Northern Soul and Acid Jazz the demand for Gabicci is at an all-time high.


The collection pays homage to its Mod roots, with button-down collars, 3-button jackets and suede Harrington jackets, a perfect match with your Lambretta or Vespa. Gabicci Vintage is all about individuality and attention to detail, which is what makes this retro menswear collection so authentic.


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