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Thomas Michaels Black Label - Natural Mens Grooming Products

The New Era of Male Grooming.

With Valentines Day 2019 just around the corner, this couldn't be a better time to talk about mens grooming!

Intense personal grooming has been regarded as more of a feminine activity for decades. The good news is that times have truly changed, and many men have become more confident in themselves and their sexuality. As a result, the market for male grooming products has broadened, leaving many with the dilemma of which products to buy for best results and, let's face it, to look good on your bathroom shelves!

Whether you are after grooming products for men that offer a more natural alternative from the chemical laden ones currently available, or if you suffer from sensitive skin and prefer a skin-friendly range of products, then try Thomas Michaels natural skin care products for men, now available right here at INDI Menswear.

thomas michaels body wash and shampoo

You can’t go wrong with this brand that offers an array of products ranging from the best body washes for men to the best moisturizers that will truly highlight the essence of your personality. But wait! Before you are off to splurge on a whole lot of Thomas Michaels products, it is only logical that you get to know a little more about the brand as a whole.

Grooming For The Modern Man

The Best Skin Care Brand for Men

Handmade, original skincare, haircare and home fragrance products for your unique style. Natural products, free from synthetics and always animal cruelty-free. 100% safe, toxin free, 100% pure essential oil based, original and as natural as your skin itself. Luxury grooming range featuring skin, hair and home products from Thomas Michaels

thomas michaels black label moisturiser

Thomas Michaels Black Label Beard & Face Moisturiser

Awarded 'Best New Grooming Item' at GQ Magazine!

You are unique and you need personal grooming products that are attuned to your specific needs. This can only be achieved by making use of the best skin care brands for men in the market and the Black Label range from Thomas Michaels certainly was created by men who understand the struggle of the modern man and the routines he needs to follow, not only to take care of his body but his psyche as a whole. To quote Thomas Michaels ‘… a company committed to bringing artisan, handmade products to individuals who care and strive for originality.’ Couldn't have put it better myself!

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Thomas Michaels exclusive products are formulated to highlight your unique sense of style.


Thomas Michaels Men’s Grooming & Lifestyle Products

When it comes to grooming, the average man probably brushes his teeth, shaves, takes showers regularly; that’s about the totality of his grooming regimen. However, there is a world of other processes that add up to a wholesome routine and also prove that self-pampering is not a process solely peculiar to women. Thomas Michaels offers a range of products, from skin to hair care.

thomas michaels black label textured clay

Some of the superb products in the Black Label line include clay masks, beard moisturizers for men, room spray, shampoos for men, body washes, body bars, even scented candles for men, and room diffusers to give your home a masculine aura that women will love!.

thomas michaels black label reed diffuser


Vegan-Friendly Men’s Grooming Products

With so much emphasis on ethical matters today, it is important to consider the way grooming products are created and produced, the ingredients put into them as well as their effect on the body and the environment as a whole. With Thomas Michaels, you can be sure that all the ingredients are sustainable and obtained without an ounce of animal cruelty. To top it all off, every single product in the collection is certifiably 100% safe, toxin-free, 100% pure essential oil based, original and as natural as your skin itself.

thomas michaels black label room spray

The modern man uses vegan friendly mens grooming products for a guilt-free and healthy path to personal grooming.


Best Skin Care Products for Men With Sensitive Skin

Thomas Michaels Black Label products are as natural as they can possibly be and void of synthetic fragrances, with no unwanted side effects.

Author: Joanna M


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