The GPO Retro Ambassador-Now With Bluetooth Technology

The GPO Retro Ambassador brings music to you, wherever you are. With dapper style, and a very modern touch, the GPO Retro Ambassador features a turntable with Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery. This retro-themed unit adds a touch of classic retro style to any room, while still providing amazing audio quality through the built-in speakers.

GPO Retro Ambassador Cream & Tan

The GPO Retro Ambassador turntable player has a number of modes of operation, each of which will allow you to play music from a different source through the two built-in full range stereo speakers, while the Bluetooth mode allows you to stream your vinyl to any Bluetooth-enabled speaker or headphones.

The GPO Retro Ambassador looks great, in either a Green and Black, or Cream and Tan two tone finish, the Ambassador has a classic finish with leatherette binding and brass-styled corner protectors.
It also comes with a USB stick so that you can record your vinyl records on the go.
The briefcase style record player features a three speed turntable, auto stop function, with built in speakers and manual pick up arm.
The unit has also been built to make it easier to play music wherever you are. With a rechargeable battery the turntable will play on the go while the Bluetooth connectivity works with any Bluetooth speaker.

GPO Retro AmbassadorGPO Retro Ambassador Green & Black

The GPO Retro Ambassador is packed with features:
1. 3-speed turntable that plays 33, 45 and even 78 speed records
2. Belt drive and semi-automatic play tone arm with auto=stop and return
3. Ceramic stereo cartridge and jewel stylus, and replacements are readily available (not that you will be needing them for quite some time)
4. Built-in 45 RPM adapter
5. Aux-in and Aux-out functions
6. Built-in stereo speakers for authentic sound
7. Rechargeable battery with up to 2.5 hours playback time
8. Bluetooth functionality, so you have Bluetooth connection with any Bluetooth speaker

Analogue output: RCA connectors L/R
Digital output: USB port, so you can record your vinyl to a USB stick
Built in RCA audio out to allow additional speakers to be connected
The GPO Retro Ambassador is compatible with the GPO Westwood speaker/amp and GPO Westwood Mini amplifier, in case you want to increase the power and really annoy the neighbours!

Measuring 35.5 x 27.5 x 13.5cm and only 2.5kg it is easy to carry and sits on almost any shelf or spare surface wherever you are.

There's also a full 1 year replacement warranty for your peace of mind

The GPO Retro Ambassador

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