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Grooming For The Modern Man-The Essential Guide

Grooming For The Modern Man-The Essential Guide

A few things have changed since you first felt the need to delve into the wondrous world of toners, balms and body butters. And even getting to that stage took some doing… There’s an intimidatingly large selection of products on the beauty market nowadays and unlike back in your father’s day, many of them are aimed at you. So here’s the Indi Menswear guide to making sure you have the new grooming essentials to keep you looking and feeling tip top.

Mens Grooming-Cleansing
Once upon a time just getting clean was enough. There were no fancy names for what you did it with and as long as one of the ingredients was a detergent of some kind you were good to go. Cleansing is often overlooked as the poor cousin of the moisturiser, with many a grooming-savvy man scrimping on this very important step and blowing the budget elsewhere. Don’t do this! To get great results you’ll have to invest in a couple of different products with very different uses.
You’ll need a weekly exfoliator to slough off dead skin – not doing this risks blocked pores, black-heads and dullness. Watch out for over-exfoliation though, this can cause redness and dryness which are both signs of irritation and over-stimulation. So you’ll need something gentle and foamy for the other six days of the week. We like Baxter of California’s Daily Face Wash, gentle enough for everyday use, with soothing coconut, ginseng and aloe vera. If you’re prone to spots, Lucky Tiger Head To Tail Acne & Blemish Soap is an all-in-one solution for your face, neck, chest and back.

Mens Grooming-Shaving
Old-school methods and a focus on ritual have resuscitated shaving (even with the mighty comeback of the beard). Barber’s brushes now take pride of place in the bathroom and shaving foams are carefully compared for their scent, texture, recovery and invigoration capabilities. Portuguese heritage brand Musgo Real Shaving Soap is just the thing for a hint of history, combined with a high-foaming base and a rich creaminess for a close, nick-free shave and a comfortable feeling afterwards.

Mens Grooming-Moisturising
Achieving the right amount of moisture can be tricky and you may have to test out a few options to find one that’s just right. As a general rule try to stick to one brand for all the steps of your grooming routine - the cleanser, toner and moisturiser from one company will be developed to work together for the best results. Baxter of California makes this easy with a box set of products - the Baxter Of California Skin Care 1-2-3 system, a three-in-one face care solution that balances moisture while controlling excess oil production. It’s a great place to start if you find yourself lost in the jungle of creams, gels and oils.

Mens Grooming-Hair Care
Perhaps you’ve been using product in your hair for some time now, but when’s the last time you gave yourself a hair MOT? Like your skin, hair needs far more than just maintenance, but an anti-aging regime that will keep it healthy and lustrous for years to come. Hair is made from protein so introducing this vital ingredient to your shampoo or conditioner is probably the single most important update you need to make. Over time it will prevent breakage and result in smooth, soft locks. Baxter Of California has protein-enriched options in shampoo and conditioner, with Coenzymes and B vitamins for superior hair nutrition.

Grooming For The Modern Man-The Essential Guide To Feeling Tip Top!

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