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FILA Vintage - 80s Classic Casuals Clobber

If there's one brand that epitomises sport and fashion during the 1980's it's FILA. Worn by leading sports people for decades, FILA has a dedicated following of superstars, music legends and especially the 80s Casuals of British football terraces!

FILA became a global brand almost overnight when it was worn by Swedish tennis star and World Champion Bjorn Borg during the 1970's and 80's. Everyone wanted to look as cool as iceman Borg, especially the 80s Casuals of the football terraces, and styles such as the Settanta track top and the BB1 polo shirt became iconic styles that endure to this day.

fila vintage tusk velour track top

These days it's like a who's who of superstar celebrity followers, from US basketball players to famous singers such as Adele, to online influencers Worldwide. This Retro Casuals brand continues to innovate, with the FILA Vintage collection going from strength to strength, and now one of our leading 80s classic casuals brands here at INDI Menswear.

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