Chevignon togs unlimited

Chevignon Togs Unlimited, Heritage Brand With Modern Style

Our featured brand this week is Chevignon Paris, easily recognised by the flying duck logo. Chevignon isn't like other brands; it ignores fleeting trends and just does its own thing, forges its own identity and thereby creates a style of its own.

For the most part it's an understated look, but it's not afraid to shout out loud and push the duck logo right in your face every now and then. And boy do these ducks get everywhere!

From Chevignon socks with the small embroidered flying duck logo at the ankle to the Chevignon beanie sporting the flying duck to the offside front, to subtle T Shirts and polo shirts, made from the finest Pima cotton from Peru, with the small embroidered flying duck logo tastefully positioned to the left chest, right through to the in-your-face large-as-life flying duck on the front of baseball caps, T Shirts and Crew neck sweat tops.

One thing that always shines through is the high quality finish - from the understated blouson jacket right through to the socks, it's the finishing touches that count. 

Chevignon Togs Unlimited is a brand unlike any other, which is why we like it! Chevignon, since 1979, a French label famous for its Togs Unlimited collection, adopted by the 80s Casuals as terraces clothing. Not following fashion but creating its own looks for the modern man who knows his own unique style.

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