Antony Morato-New Mod, Italian Style

Antony Morato-New Mod, Italian Style

Antony Morato is new Mod for a new generation who want classic Italian style with a contemporary modernist youthful look. 

antony morato, indi menswear 

From super-slim stretch T Shirts with superlative detailed branding to lightweight blow-in-the-summer-breeze short sleeve shirts to fine gauge lightweight striped jumpers and sporty hoodies, jackets and tracksuits, Antony Morato has you covered.

Antony Morato started out in 2007 by Lello Caldarelli, the company's creative director and president, and is rooted in Italian tradition. The brand embodies a cosmopolitan vision of men's fashion, looking to lifestyles in the world's major cities as a source of inspiration.

The brand had a focus on going global from day one and has established itself in more than 60 countries, each with a different history and culture.

 antony morato t shirt, indi menswear

Antony Morato is a contemporary menswear brand that represents a new generation who see fashion as a way to express themselves.

The collection includes modern contemporary styles for any time of day or night, so you can choose from a fine selection to produce your own personal style of original and on-trend clothing.


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