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6 Must-Have Items In A Gentleman's Wardrobe

To put together an ideal wardrobe, you need to start with the basics. We’ve put together 6 must-have items in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Whatever your age or the time of year, you can play around and mix and match with them to achieve different levels of formality or informality, trendiness and style as per your mood and the occasion.

  1. Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirt is one of those garments that looks good on everyone. On the one hand, the collar offers a smart look and on the other, its soft fabric delivers casualness and informality. Its appeal may very well stand the test of time. You can wear it as part of a suit or pair it up with a pair of jeans. Ideally, aim for a shirt made of pure cotton.

ben sherman cotton oxford shirt

Ben Sherman Cotton Oxford Shirt

  1. Harrington Jacket

The Harrington jacket hasn’t changed much from the original Baracuta G9 of the 1930s. The loose shape, high collar, zip front, bottom hem and sleeve cuffs give it a style of its own. Thanks to its being worn by big names such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen, it has assumed something of iconic proportions. In recent times, Daniel Craig wore it in his role as James Bond. Colours to prefer are navy, black and wine but there are many other colour choices available and a true gentleman will no doubt have a full selection on the rail! A Harrington Jacket and a polo shirt make for a perfect blend. It also goes well with collared shirts. If you’re going biking with friends, team it up with a T-shirt and jeans.


ben sherman harrington jacket

Ben Sherman Harrington Jacket




merc harrington jacket beige

Merc Harrington Jacket Beige

  1. Polo Shirt

You can never have too many polo shirts! Polo shirts go well with jeans, shorts, and a nice pair of smart Sta-Press trousers.


ben sherman polo shirt


4. Jeans

There is no doubt that a pair of dark wash jeans should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. The fit should be comfortable, but not too comfortable, and they should fit around the waist without a belt. Try a turn-up to draw some attention to your look, finishing it off with a pair of sneakers or boots. If you have a few extra solid T-shirts and want to take a step out of your comfort zone, try custom T-shirt printing and pair the finished product with your jeans for a cool look.

weekend offender jeans tapered fit rinse wash

ben sherman jeans

5. Footwear

There was a time when only a good pair of brogues or loafers would be acceptable in a gentleman's wardrobe, but times change and styles move on, and it is quite acceptable to wear a smart suit with a decent pair of sneakers (in fact it's very dapper!). In fact, this part of a man's wardrobe can be the most important-it sets the tone for the whole outfit and makes a clear statement as to a man's style ethos. So choose wisely!

novesta trainers

6. A Good Watch

Invest in one that doesn’t just serve you functionally but is the right mix of style and timelessness.

tayroc watch

These six essentials are just the start. With time and the testing of different styles, and a little help from the INDI STYLE EDIT, you can take your dressing to an entirely new level.

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