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Forget Downloads-Vinyl Records Are Back!

The tangible world of vinyl records has been losing to the digital universe for some time now. But while we’re constantly looking forward to the next big thing and how to streamline our existence into slim gadgets and invisible apps, our inclination towards the warm and fluffy download cannot be denied. But you can’t pass your Spotify account down to your sons and daughters or stack a shelf with downloads, can you? Romanticism aside, the vinyl record presents a rich sound that we’ve been missing, so we have joined the vinyl record revival with classic pressings and even retro record players to go with them!

The warm, layered sound of analogue is difficult to feel reminiscent about if you’re a noughties kid firmly rooted in sharp, poppy sounds and crystal clear digital beats. Maybe that’s why the return of the vinyl record began to happen just when music took a turn down memory lane. Soul, funk, reggae and indie-rock were made for the natural resonance of the record, so it’s no surprise that the successes of artists like Lana Del Rey and Arctic Monkeys brought a wave of old school sensibilities with them.

This new standard of cool vinyl records echoes a return to the hands-on world, working alongside the latest technology without forsaking craftsmanship and antiquity. Vinyl record sales hit an 18-year high in late 2014 and the super-cool are investing in undisputed auditory gems from an ever-growing list of re-issues.

Vinyl records are no longer the niche experience that they used to be and the ritual of putting the needle to the groove is not just for the music-obsessed audiophile . Brands like GPO Retro offer  portable retro record players without the specialist stigma or the crazy price tag. Not only are they affordable but, despite the retro outer clothing, they are actually a modern piece of kit, with built-in speakers, USB ports, built-in DAB radios, CD Players and the like. But you probably won't use any of that stuff because you will be kicking back and listening to the raw tunes from your latest addition to your LP collection, making sweet soulful music in your ears. Yes, vinyl records are definately here to stay!

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