Spring Court Trainers Since 1936

Spring Court Trainers were the first tennis shoe designed for play on clay.

Still made in Paris to this day, Spring Court Trainers were created in 1936 by Georges Grimmeisen, and features four patented ventilation holes in the midsole. During the excitement of the 1960’s, this iconic shoe graduated from the playing field to become a symbol of renewed urban subculture, and can be seen worn by John Lennon on the The Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

Spring Court G2 in Twill with Coloured Laces

This revolutionary shoe is breathable, made of cotton canvas and has a vulcanized rubber sole. The tennis shoe, designed for play on clay, was quickly adopted by professional and amateur players and was popular on tennis courts until the late 1970s.

The 1960s was a time of great change, with youth subculture dictating changing fashion styles. Sports shoes were worn off the playing field for the first time. People protested, danced and lived in Spring Court shoes! They were worn by rock stars, artists and even normal people, who refused to conform. Over 25 million pairs of Spring Court Trainers have been sold since their introduction, becoming very fashionable once again In the 1990s.

Spring Court B2 Canvas in Midnight Blue/White

Fashion changes, collections reflect the seasons, but the original style is eternal. The current collection includes low tops and high tops (G2 and B2 respectively) in a wide selection of colours and finishes. The quality is superb, with hand-finished details making each pair slightly exclusive, perfect for the summer months! Oh, and one last little bonus, Spring Court Trainers are washable, so they will still look like new when your mates' cheap canvas trainers are scruffy and splitting at the seams!

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